Goal Setting mini-workshop

Confidently create and achieve goals consistently in 2023 and beyond

7pm Thursday 26th January

Clear direction

A repeatable goal setting method

Aligned action

A New Year brings a new opportunity to reset your goals and intentions for the year ahead. Most people struggle with goals because they either don't know where to start, they create way too many or they don't even make goals because they're worried they'll fail. Does any of this sound like you?

I created the DIPAC method to help you push past the barriers that come with setting and achieving goals so you can take massive action and hit milestones consistently without letting fear and doubt hold you back.

Imagine if...

🌟 you have goals that are connected to your core values and desires instead of wishy-washy goals that don't mean anything to you

🌟 your friends start asking you for your secret because you have grown so much this year

🌟 you achieve every goal you set for the rest of your life

'' I feel motivated to achieve success in all areas of my life and business''

Johnelle has helped me to boost confidence with myself, and my start-up business. I've been able to gain clarity, by looking inwards with the mentorship and support of Johnelle. I feel motivated to continue to my personal development journey, so that I can authentically achieve success in all aspects of my life including in my career.u with some tools to go away and work on in your own time.

Jemma, Rotorua, NZ

Every day is pretty much the same, you wake up with a full to do list of priorities that you must get done.

You feel like you have to rush from one activity to the next, never doing anything to a standard you’re proud of.

You may have been in the same career for a really long time, you may have taken a job because it pays the bills but you know this is not where you want to be.

When you do get a second between tasks, you can’t help but think surely there’s something else out there for me, something thats better than this?!

You ask yourself if it’s too late in your life to change careers? Is it even possible to find something you enjoy that pays you well?

You realise with all of the stress, the doubting and the rushing from task to task that you’ve lost your mojo and your confidence has diminished. 

''In less than three months I went from one client to three''

I came to Johnelle with the idea of wanting to start up a contracting company offering marketing services. Since working with Johnelle, she has helped me secure two contracts in this space and has coached me on negotiating compensation that reflects my value. In less than three months I went from one client to three and am continuing to expand with guidance from Johnelle.

Felicia, Social Media Marketer

Palmerston North, NZ

With this Goal Setting mini-workshop you'll have fun turning your goals into reality

🌟 Instead of avoiding goal setting out of fear of failure you'll have confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve each goal

🌟 Remove the fear of choosing the 'wrong goal' and be guided with ease to choose what aligns with you

🌟 Instead of starting the year with a hiss and a roar with 5 pages of goals that seem so big you procrastinate, you'll be empowered to move forward with the DIPAC method

🌟 Rather than feeling like you can't achieve your goals you'll learn how to turn big scary goals into small bite-sized pieces

Clarity 2023 will help you close the door to 2022 and move forward with clarity, purpose, and direction!

But don’t just take my word for it,

here’s proof of the results my clients have gotten

From feeling lost at work to a promotion in 6 weeks

''Oh my fricken goodness!!! My boss has offered me a promotion!! With a jump in renumeration. It's going to be a huge year next yead but I'm excited to get into it''

From freaking out about a lack of money to openly receiving

''Since this mindset shift I've had a random payrise, had an unexpected tax return, been open and happy to accept offers of money from friends in the way of buying me dinner or giving me cash when I sober drive.''

From business idea to reality in three months

Since working with Johnelle, she has helped me secure two marketing contracts and has coached me on negotiating compensation that reflects my value. I went from one client to three and am continuing to expand with guidance from Johnelle.

This Goal Setting mini workshop is the key to setting and achieving goals you've been procrastinating giving you the confidence to create and hit even bigger goals next time.

Introducing the Goal Setting Mini Workshop

A 90-minute mini workshop to help you confidently create and achieve goals consistently with my DIPAC method

Is this you?

⚡ You've been working for a long time and each time you come close to throwing in the towel something stops you

⚡ You find it hard to switch off from work

⚡ You find yourself talking about work to your friends or family a lot but you know they don't care or understand

⚡You're so tired from giving it everything you've got and feeling like you're getting no where

Virtual Goal Setting mini workshop
7pm Thursday 26th January

A live Goal Setting mini workshop to help you confidently create and achieve goals consistently

Your purchase includes:

  • Live attendance at the mini-workshop

  • The Goal Setting workbook

  • Recording Access so you can revisit at anytime

$19 for lifetime access*

*Price increasing Monday 16th Jan

Here's what happens next


Purchase mini-workshop

This is a virtual mini-workshop delivered via Zoom



You'll get an email with the Zoom link and any details needed for the best experience


Enjoy the mini workshop

I'll guide you through activities to create and achieve goals with confidence!


How long does it go for?

This mini workshop is 90 minutes long. 7pm-8.30pm NZT.

I can't attend live should I still purchase?

Yes absolutely! You'll get access to the recording where you can catch up in your own time.

I've never done this type of thing before and I'm unsure?

I completely understand! I was scared to invest in myself in the beginning of my journey too. I'll guide and support you the whole way beautiful.

Will it be hard?

As a coach it's my job to teach, guide and support you along. Only you can actually do the work on the night but you're 100% supported by me along the way.

I have questions, how can I ask those?

I'll happily answer for you email hey@johnellehosking.com

What time does it start?

This mini-workshop is delivered LIVE virtually and begins at 7pm NZT. You'll also have access to the recording to rewatch anytime you need to make new goals!

Hi! I'm Johnelle

I believe confident, empowered and fulfilled women will create massive change in the world.

My job is to be an example of growth, confidence, and commitment to creating change.

It's my mission to educate, inspire and empower other women to be an example, within their families, communities, careers, and everyday lives.

I truly believe this is how we can create a future that's positive for all, one person at a time.

One last question

How much happiness are you sacrificing every day because you aren’t doing what it takes to change your work situation? 


If you’ve read through everything I’ve written and made your way all the way down here, then you know you want career confidence. If you’re interested in business customers are looking for someone like you right now and they’re searching the internet, credit card in hand (or at least stored in their phones). If you’re a skilled employee employers are dying to have you in their team and they’re telling their colligues about the qualities you posess right now. 


The question is: how long are you willing to stay where you know you’re not happy? Where you feel taken advantage of for all that you do? Where you feel the thanks you get doesn’t make up for the never ending overwhelm and jumping from task to task. You know your personal life is suffering because of your unfulfilling career and you’re the only one who can do something about it. 


By working with me inside Career Confident Now I’ll show you how to get your confidence back, how to decide exacxtly what you want and I’ll give you the roadmap to go for it. It’s literally that easy! 


Are you ready to get back your zest for life?!

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