Fill your cup, uplift your energy and get inspired for life a community of like minded women

August Women's Circle

Thursday 24th August 6.30pm NZT


$30 per person

Too many women feel like they're always rushing from one thing to the next, they barely ever get time to themselves. It's time for that to stop.

Imagine if you...

πŸ™‹ didn't have to rush from one activity to the next

πŸ™‹ were able to sit still and not have to fill every second with productivity

πŸ™‹ regularly had time to yourself

πŸ™‹ were able to fill up your cup and you knew how to do it

About your facilitator

I'm Johnelle Hosking,

I've been coaching women since 2016 with my one on one offerings, workshops and events.

At the beginning of 2022 I felt called to do something more with my offering and thats how I was lead to womens circles.

I didn't even know they were a thing, all I knew was my heart desired a place where women could come together be inspired, motivated and encouraged to be completely themselves. After two months of delivering womens circles, I found an organisation where I would soon become a certified facilitar using their methods (see certificate to the left).

Since then I've hosted hundreds of women for my Confident Women Circles at my home in Mamaku, at a cafe in Rotorua, at the rowing club in Tauranga, in a couple of friends homes in Taupo and online.

You have nothing to hear at all, I'm trained in many different modalities and ensure to create an open and safe space with each and every circle.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

In person Women's Circles with Johnelle Hosking

Your 2 hour dose of connection, clarity and confidence

Each month you'll be delighted with a new theme that's paired with group and solo activies to embody and learn from the theme.

Previous themes include:

🌟 Fun

🌟 Prosperity

🌟 Unleash

🌟 Confidence

🌟 Creativity


Taupo - Thursday 24th August 6.30pm


$30 per person

Includes light snacks

Spaces are limited

If you ever feel like you're alone in a room full of people because there's so much happening in your life and your mind but you don't know where to start,

it’s time to create clarity and true community by joining our next womens circle.

Women's circles create ongoing fullfillment, purpuse and passion in life.

I felt alone, disconnected from others, overwhelmed with indicision for my future and I didn't know where to turn.

I thought surely I'm not the only one that feels this way?!

There must be others out there like me.

With that one spark of inspiration I began searching for a way of connecting with others and thats when I learnt about Women's Circles.

I instantly felt like they could help me and felt called to create my own.

10 days later, I had 8 women in my backyard for our first in person Women's Circle.
After only three months of regular circles my whole world had changed!

I'd finally had the time and space to create clarity and make really important decisions in my life.

Since Janurary 2022, I've helped over 100 women create clarity and accountability with Women's Circles to create meaningful change in life.

By attending our Women's Circles you’ll feel truly connected to yourself and you'll never feel alone again!

How women benefit from Women's Circles

''I loved it! Made me feel more myself and apart of a little community of women. So cool meeting so many different yet similar women''

''Thank you for facilitating a speace for healing. The difference in me since last circle has been incredible''

''Thanks for creating such a safe and open space. Your open bright personality made me feel very welcome and heard''


How long does it go for?

Circles last for 2 hours maximum so you can have your break to yourself and then get back into your daily life.

How much does it cost?

It costs $30NZD per person per circle you attend.

How often are your circles?

I'm currently running one in person circle per month in Rotorua. I also run two virtual circles per month so you can join from anywhere. See here to learn more.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a candle and lighter, a journal and pen, something to stay hydrated and be in a quiet room with a good internet connection.

Are circles only for people with problems?

Absolutely not! Circles have changed my life without having specific problems to solve. They're perfect for personal growth in a safe and relaxed envirovironment.

How many people can you have?

I aim to have no more than 12 people per circle. Usually we get really intimate groups which can be anywhere from 3 - 12 people.

Can't attend this circle but want to be informed about future circles?

Input your details below and I'll email you with future dates

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