My First Business

Simple Steps to Becoming Your Own Boss

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This programme will help you...

  • Solidify your business idea with confidence

  • Price your business offer with ease

  • Find the perfect customer who wants to pay you

  • Sign your first paying client

  • Know exactly what to do to get clients

  • Know exactly what not to do when getting started

...and so much more!

What's included?

You get value packed modules with step by step instructions to kickstart your business journey.

Plus, I've shared a heap of bonuses to accelerate your learning so you can make money faster!


Module #1: Crafting Your Idea - My method for turning your interests, skills and desires into an offer

Module #2: How to Find Your Target Customers - Matching your offer to the perfect customer who wants to pay you

Module #3: Pricing Your Offer - Removing any money objections and charge what your offer is worth

Module #4: How to Sell your offer - Get yourself and your idea out there and get your first paying customer with ease

BONUSES: Worth $459!

BONUS #1 - A 1:1 with me - To make sure you have a winning $$ making idea (worth $166)

BONUS #2 - A 1:1 with me - To finalise your business plan and answer your questions (worth $166)

BONUS #3 - Master business terminology Guidebook - To get across business language with ease (worth $39)

BONUS #4 - Save your Cash Guide - 30 ways to save cash when starting your business (worth $39)

BONUS #5 - Time Confident Masterclass - Gain 5 hours of time back so you can use that to get your business started (worth $49)

$1,236 Value for just $777!

Hurry, this price is limited to the next 5 people

This works for...

If you're one of these ladies, this will be a great fit for you!

Career professionals seeking a fulfilling side hustle to supplement or replace their income

Stay-at-home Mums looking to start a business while juggling family responsibilities

Recent University graduates keen to turn their skills or passion into a profitable business

In case we haven't met yet...

Hey, I'm Johnelle Hosking! 👋

My story is a classic kiwi dreamer story... I had the 'dream' career in radio broadcasting and realised after a lot of hard work climbing the ladder that I hated it.

I wanted freedom from the constraints of the corperate world, I wanted abundance of choosing my own salary and I wanted to live on my own terms.

I found coaching in 2016 and have been helping women on their career journey since then. I've invested a lot of time and money on my own professional development, learning everything I can about business so I can bring the best advice and guidance to my clients.

This programme was exactly what I needed back in 2016 to accelerate my growth. It's proven to help women increase their income, create life fulfillment and a new career path that had previously been a dream without a roadmap.

I'm excited for you to step into your business journey and create the success and fulfillment you desire. Just click the button to unlock instant access.

Important Info

The purpose of this programme is to help you craft your offer as a coach or service provider over the space of 4 weeks.

At the end of 4 weeks you'll have your own business plan and everything you need to sign your first client!

Timeline of the programme

Sign up - Instant access to the intro module, module 1, and bonuses

Every 7 days another module opens for you to watch the content, do the homework and further develop your business!

At the end of Module 2 and Module 4 you can book your 1:1 session's with Johnelle for coaching around your offer

Try before you buy policy

I understand the nature of online programmes can be hard to know what you're buying which is why I have a try before you buy policy. Once purchased, you have 48 hours to review the initial content. After 48 hours and/or moving beyond the Prep-Work, you are responsible for your full purchase. Refunds can be requested via email to

'My First Business' will help you start a successful service based business simply and quickly!

Here's what a few clients have to say... 👇👇👇

From unfocussed and overwhelmed to focussed on the main goal

''Johnelle cut through quite a bit of fluff to give me the absolute timeline to success. The homework assignments were practical and provided an excellent way to build knowledge of the current business marketplace''.

From unsure if her idea would work to confident

''She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to business development and had the ability to empower me through the process with her clarity and her belief in my aspirations as a business woman.''

From business idea to reality in three months

Johnelle has helped me secure two marketing contracts and has coached me on negotiating compensation that reflects my value. I went from one client to three and am continuing to expand with guidance from Johnelle.

Want a sneak preview?

In case you're after a behind-the-scenes look at what's included in this programme!

Every day is pretty much the same, you wake up with a full to do list of priorities that you must get done.

You feel like you have to rush from one activity to the next, never doing anything to a standard you’re proud of.

You may have been in the same career for a really long time, you may have taken a job because it pays the bills but you know this is not where you want to be.

When you do get a second between tasks, you can’t help but think surely there’s something else out there for me, something thats better than this?!

You ask yourself if it’s too late in your life to change careers? Is it even possible to find something you enjoy that pays you well?

You realise with all of the stress, the doubting and the rushing from task to task that you’ve lost your mojo and your confidence has diminished. 

''In less than three months I went from one client to three''

I came to Johnelle with the idea of wanting to start up a contracting company offering marketing services. Since working with Johnelle, she has helped me secure two contracts in this space and has coached me on negotiating compensation that reflects my value. In less than three months I went from one client to three and am continuing to expand with guidance from Johnelle.

Felicia, Social Media Marketer

Palmerston North, NZ

Is this you?

⚡ You've been working for a long time and each time you come close to throwing in the towel something stops you

⚡ You find it hard to switch off from work

⚡ You find yourself talking about work to your friends or family a lot but you know they don't care or understand

⚡You're so tired from giving it everything you've got and feeling like you're getting no where

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process?

Once you've signed up you'll be emailed log in information and a link to join the community page. From there you'll have instant access to the pre materials and bonuses. Module one is released 25th Feb with a new module released weekly from there.

How soon can I start?

Yay! I love your enthusiasm! As soon as you've signed up you can get started on the intro content ahead of our first module release.

What am I getting when I sign up?

You sign up to the 'My First Business' Programme with 4 core modules, bonuses, live calls, and me personally answering your questions inside the community.

I've never done this before and I'm unsure?

I completely understand! I was scared to invest in myself in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey too. If you're unsure you should book a free call with Johnelle to see if it's a right fit for you.

How much of this do I have to do myself?

It's Johnelle's job to teach, guide and support you along your business journey but only you can actually do the work. You're 100% supported along the way for any roadblocks you hit in doing the work.

Can I get a refund?

The nature of digital products usually stop people from allowing refunds however. I allow you 48 hours to review the initial content. After 48 hours and/or moving beyond the Prep-Work you are responsible for your full purchase. If you would like a refund within the 48 hour limit email

I have questions, how can I ask those?

Two options, you can book a free call with Johnelle to discuss your questions or you can email Please allow 1-2 business days for a reply.

How long does it take?

The minimum commitment for 'My First Business' Programme is 1-2 hours a week across 4 weeks. The more you put in the more you get out of it though.

How long do I get programme access?

Great question! You'll get lifetime access + all future course updates. Plus you get access to the private client Facebook group for 6 months.

One last question

How much happiness are you sacrificing every day because you aren’t doing what it takes to change your work situation? 


If you’ve read through everything I’ve written and made your way all the way down here, then you know you want career confidence. If you’re interested in business customers are looking for someone like you right now and they’re searching the internet, credit card in hand (or at least stored in their phones). If you’re a skilled employee employers are dying to have you in their team and they’re telling their colligues about the qualities you posess right now. 


The question is: how long are you willing to stay where you know you’re not happy? Where you feel taken advantage of for all that you do? Where you feel the thanks you get doesn’t make up for the never ending overwhelm and jumping from task to task. You know your personal life is suffering because of your unfulfilling career and you’re the only one who can do something about it. 


By working with me inside Career Confident Now I’ll show you how to get your confidence back, how to decide exacxtly what you want and I’ll give you the roadmap to go for it. It’s literally that easy! 


Are you ready to get back your zest for life?!