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Career and business confidence coach

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The journey to career and business confidence

Many women lack the confidence to step out of their routines and embrace a fulfilling life. 

Imagine if you felt fulfilled and on the right path forward.

Making daily progress towards your goals instead of feeling frustrated, resentful and living with relationship problems or burnout.

In my past life I was a radio presenter who woke up at 4.55am to rush to my job that started at 5am.

I'd fumble my way through final show preparations before going live on the radio to over 80,000 people from 6am.

In this role I was always worrying about what everyone was thinking and expecting of me.

When my work day finished, I would head home to study anything and everything to do with personal growth and coach clients. This is where I felt alive the most.

Eventually I got burntout because I was trying to be two different people and it wasn't sustainable.

This is when I went on a mission to create a whole new identity for myself outside of being a radio presentor.

I gave myself 12 months to completely reienvent myself and upgrade my life.

I've since taught the method I developed on this journey to women all around the world.

I know how low we can get when things in our life don't align with our truth and I also know how good life can feel when we give ourselves permisison to be all that we know we can be.

I'm so glad that you're here and I can't wait to support you on your journey to Career and Business Confidence.

My Education

My life motto 'you're not living if you're not learning' has seen me invest over $50,000 into my own personal and professional development.

Along the way I did some assessments, passed and got the below certifications which I'm pretty proud of and grateful for the skills I've learned that I get to empart onto my clients.

My health coaching, life and NLP coaching are all accredeted by the ICF - International Coaching Federation under the Continuing Coach Education (CCE)

The benefits of confidence coaching

''I came to Johnelle with the idea of wanting to start up a contracting company offering marketing services. Since working with Johnelle, she has helped me secure two contracts in this space and has coached me on negotiating compensation that reflects my value. In less than three months I went from one client to three and am continuing to expand with guidance from Johnelle.'' 


''Working with you has helped me a lot with my confidence. Knowing there are women like you who have my back and are always cheering me on encourages me to put my self out more. It has truly strengthened my self love and self confidence and inspired me to grow more and be able to see different perspectives in life that can help me grow and love myself even more. I always remember you, your facilitation, your advice and humility every time I tackle something new in life.''


''After just finishing my second session with Johnelle, I can already see the benefits! It's like having a best friend that you can talk to and share your thoughts with but there is a structure and formula to it. A professional there to guide you through your thoughts, to give you another perspective and to support you with some tools to go away and work on in your own time.''


'' I personally have benefited from a lot of your advice. ''

Thank you so much for what you are doing for women in our community. I personally have benefited from a lot of your advice. I sat there listening to you talk about boundaries nodding thinking, OMG I’m not doing all I can to look after myself. I have already implemented some boundaries and feels liberating to have come to the realisation we need to look after ourselves and each other first and foremost. A lot of the advice you are sharing is stuff we already know but we frequently forget to prioritise our own needs so it’s great to get a reminder.

Joanne, Rotorua Library, NZ

Career Confident Now

Is a 90 day coaching programme designed to instill massive confidence, decide exactly what you want and give you back your zest for life. The programme includes 1:1 sessions with Johnelle creating results fast!

Get Confident Podcast

Weekly episodes filled with confidence boosting tools and inspiration. Johnelle and her guests tell you everything they know in simple to apply ways so you can cultive confidence and live a fulfilled life.

What I know

We all have a reason why we're here, a deep desire burning in our hearts, a soul purpose of sorts. I know it can be hard to identify what it is specifically but I believe with curiosity, open mindedness and commitment you can find that thing within you.

What I love

Personal growth

Thriving relationahips

Deep meaningful conversations

5am wake ups

Drinking cacao on my deck

Journaling my heart out

Working with clients

Speaking infront of audiences

What I dream of

I dream of helping you to create a life of deep fulfillment! in 2020 I set myself a challenge to transform the lives of 10,000 women around the world.

I still dream of fulfilling that mission and I take great pleasure in taking action to get there. Why women specifically? I believe if we empower women, they will empower their communities and create a ripple effect around the globe.


Time freedom is a huge part of the Career and Business Confidence journey. Don't let your job dictate your life and take the best of you leaving you drained and unable to give energy to other important areas of life.


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