Client Testimonials

Career Confidence Client

The biggest transformation for me was being appointed in a management position, this role being the reason I began my work with Johnelle. The process was highly competitive and the candidates all extremely qualified. Through my coaching with Johnelle, I was able to learn tools to deal with my self confidence (or lack thereof), prepare for these challenging interviews and channel into the person I knew was right for the role. Johnelle's coaching and tools won't stop with this appointment however, the things I learnt about myself and have worked on have been lifechanging in many areas of my life - I can't rate Johnelle enough!

Haidee, Rotorua NZ

Corporate Training

We recently had Johnelle run an online workshop with our team and were delighted with the engaging, uplifting, motivational and utility content she presented. Confidence in the workplace can make or break a team, drive better results and be a catalyst for new ideas and creativity. Johnelle's session spoke to all of those things while empowering the team with every day tools and mantras to back themselves, break through barriers and take their career to the next level with confidence. I highly recommend a custom designed team building session with Johnelle for any team - be it online or offline. After all, a confident team is a strong team and that's essential for any thriving business. Thanks again Johnelle!

Lou, BrandedX, Australia

Business Confidence Client

Johnelle's sessions were always a highlight on my calendar. Dedicated time to focus on improving myself professionally and personally. Johnelle taught me about how to deal with the emotions we don't like and that lead to meditating or visuallising being a stronger confident being and letting that vulnerable emotion pass. I also learnt about being more organised in my business. Creating manuals to future proof the work and streamline processes to focus on creating more income.

Belinda, Rotorua NZ

Business Confidence Client

I came to Johnelle with the idea of wanting to start up a contracting company offering marketing services. Since working with Johnelle, she has helped me secure two contracts in this space and has coached me on negotiating compensation that reflects my value.
In less than three months I went from one client to three and am continuing to expand with guidance from Johnelle.

Felicia, The Sweet Spot, NZ

Career Confidence Client

My confidence - before seeing Johnelle, I got overwhelmed easily by tasks at work, I didn't have the confidence to trust myself in what I was doing, always second guessing myself, which made me spiral and this is when mistakes were made.

Johnelle - taught me that setting up my work life in a more organised structure and through the use of affirmations and journalling and general attitude that things would get better.

From this I got promoted!!

I took over my managers role as she is on maternity leave - this was a huge move forward in my career.

I am so grateful for Johnelle because without her guidance I could have seen myself spiralling more.

Hannah, Auckland,NZ

Confidence & Business Client

Before I started working with Johnelle, I knew that I wanted something different for myself but I had absolutely no idea where to begin.

I knew nothing about building my own business, nor did I even fathom that I'd be good enough or worthy enough to create my own.

Since working with Johnelle not only has she taught me the ins and outs of what creating a business looks like, she has also helped me to work on my mindset around worthiness, shifting my money paradigms, and connecting with me on a spiritual level as well.

(thanks for everything that you do Johnelle) xx

Katy, Palmerston North, NZ

Workshop Facilitation

First and foremost, I was impressed with the overall structure, organization and creativity of the workshop. Johnelle did an excellent job of sharing her broad knowledge and expertise on pitching, including the “do’s” and “don’ts”! Her workshop went beyond simply breaking down the different components of a pitch – it was hands-on and clearly tailored to the group. Over and above that, Johnelle used her unique communication and coaching skills to instill confidence and provide a fresh perspective on pitching in a range of contexts.

Jeanette, Ecentre at Massey University, NZ

Business Confidence Client

Johnelle made me realise that I have everything I need to succeed. With business comes a lot of self-doubt but Johnelle's experience in entrepreneurship and my niche in particular made me realise that this may be easier than I thought. She was also realistic about how much more work I can fit into my already busy schedule and she was kind enough to accommodate me and our sessions to make sure I don't burn out. We agreed on a manageable plan over the next 6 months while I pursue a specific set of goals, and I am so looking forward to connecting with Johnelle again once I move into the next phase and focus all my efforts on taking my business to the next level.

Pamela, Wellington NZ

Motivational Speaking

Johnelle provided great motivation and inspiration to my media students, to help them plan their path for success.

Adrian, Te Pūkenga – NZ Institute of Skills and Technology, NZ

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