You're ready to cultivate confidence and live a fulfilled life but you're not sure how? Don't worry, I've got you lovely.

Grow your confidence now

Women's Circles

Are two hour gatherings held virtually through zoom and in person around the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. This is your time to connect with yourself and like minded women to grow your confidence

Career Confident Now

Is a 90 day coaching programme designed to instill massive confidence, decide exactly what you want and give you back your zest for life. The programme includes 1:1 sessions with me creating results fast!

I'm your biggest cheerleader when you can't be that for yourself.

A breath of fresh air, positivity and accountability as you navigate your path to cultivating confidence.

I connect you with the core of your highest self, your biggest desires and I help you to overcome the roadblocks and anything keeping you stuck in fear, self doubt and low self confidence.

Since 2016 I've coached women to achieve their goals and feel life fulfillment by creating courageous confidence. My clients have gained confidence in areas of relationships, friendships, personal finances and career, including changing industries, negotiating pay rises and exploring entrepreneurship by creating a purposefull business. I can help you too.

Career Confident Now

The easiest way for women to remove overwhelm, fears and self doubt to create career fulfillment in less than 90 days

This is the deepest form of accountability and support you can get. You get me on your team as your coach, your cheerleader, your listening ear and your accountability buddy. You'll get the biggest results the fastest in this programme.

Women's Circles

Bringing women together for connection, community and growth

Women's Circles are run both virtually and locally throughout Bay of Plenty and Waikato New Zealand. Each month we discuss a new theme to do with personal growth. We each share our experience, thoughts or ideas around the theme as a way to help us grow a deeper sense of self awareness.

Group programmes

Experience deep learning about yourself and connection to others

This style of coaching brings you multiple learnings all at once. Bringing together different people, personalities and lived experiences creates a catalist for major growth and self learning while creating true life long connections with others too.

''I can already see the benefits!''

After just finishing my second session with Johnelle, I can already see the benefits! It's like having a best friend that you can talk to and share your thoughts with but there is a structure and formula to it. A professional there to guide you through your thoughts, to give you another perspective and to support you with some tools to go away and work on in your own time.

Katy, Palmerston North, NZ

Get all the benefits of having deep self confidence by listening to this short meditation


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